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Upcoming tour dates

29 May 2015 LYLIT live @ Haus der Musik, Vienna (AT) Vienna, AT Haus der Musik Haus der Musik
30 May 2015 LYLIT live @ Frei:Raum, St. Pölten (AT) St. Pölten, AT Frei:raum Frei:raum

Take one listen to Lylit and you will be amazed at all that is encapsulated within her spirit and song: gospel, jazz, classical and, of course, soul. Born in Austria, musically inclined and intrigued, Lylit set out to absorb as much of it as possible. And what resulted was astounding: raspy powerhouse vocals whose cords find melody, effortlessly. She is a pianist—who has also successfully tried her hand at the guitar, 5-octave mbira and violin. She is music mogul Kedar Massenburg’s signee—and as evidenced on her EP, Evasion—she plans on leaving a serious impression.